Just below the surface of the sea lies the remarkable world of the ocean. The waters of the Outer Hebrides are among the most unpolluted in the world and as a result, are occupied by wonderful marine life and mammals. Sailing the passages of water between the islands, it’s often possible to spot basking sharks, minke whales, orca (killer whales), porpoises and friendly, inquisitive dolphins. 

Resting slightly closer to the surface of the water are some more intriguing creatures. The rare sunfish has been spotted from the deck of the Enchanted Isle. Its name refers to the animal's habit of “sunbathing” at the surface of the water. 

Grey seals, common seals and otters can be found in and around the water's edge, and can often be spotted when approaching or returning from St Kilda.

5 star

"St.Kilda - a dream come true! I loved this trip – it was a dream come true and I would highly recommend Seumas and Sea Harris."
Tripadvisor review May 2018
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"I am immensely grateful to Seumas and the crew of the Enchanted Isle. Vic declared it one of the greatest days of his life! The place is extraordinary. "
Bill Bailey - comedian, actor, author
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"A trip to St.Kilda was definitely one of the best trips in my life. I must reccommend Sea Harris - my experience is they are reliable, friendly, safe."
Tripadvisor review September 2018
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