1. These Terms and Conditions set out the basis on which we (“Sea Harris”) and you (the “Passenger”) agree to conduct all business. For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings, and to all individual Passengers within each booking.
  2.  Sea Harris undertakes to deal with all Passengers in a courteous and friendly manner and will endeavour to answer all questions and queries before, during or after the trip. Passenger safety and comfort are paramount to Sea Harris and all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure these commitments are met.
  3. All Passengers undertake the trip at entirely their own risk. Sea Harris cannot be held responsible (save where prescribed by statute) for any injuries, illness, loss of property, theft or damage occurring during a trip, whilst on St Kilda or travelling to or from the sailing departure point.
  4.  During any given trip, all decisions regarding the running of the vessel and the safety of Passengers are taken by the vessel skipper. The skipper’s decision is final in all matters, including for the avoidance of doubt, any decisions as to the suitability of the weather and / or sea conditions to enable any sailing to go ahead.
  5. Safety is paramount at all times whilst at sea. Sea Harris requires all Passengers to wear a life jacket at all times whilst on the deck of the vessel and conduct themselves in a manner which does not unduly endanger themselves or others. 
  6. Due to the ecological fragility of St Kilda and other islands we visit, Passengers are reminded that animals are strictly forbidden and visitors must depart the island as they found it, taking nothing, and leaving nothing. 
  7. Unfortunately, no guarantees can be made regarding the likelihood or seeing particular wildlife on any given trip. Sea Harris can advise on the best times to spot the various species, but this is for information only. 
  8. Departure times are as stated for your chosen trip, however, all other timings for the duration of your trip are approximate and very occasionally, can be slightly later than stated. Sea Harris cannot be held responsible for any additional costs incurred or inconvenience caused due to timings not running as stated.
  9. All trips with Sea Harris are subject to there being suitable weather conditions to make it safe to undertake, and as such, some trips may have to be cancelled at short notice, pursuant to Clause 10. Sea Harris will notify Passengers the day prior to the first day of their booking on the supplied contact numbers, about the likelihood of their booked trip taking place. If we have been unable to do this it is the Passenger’s responsibility to contact Sea Harris to find out if their booked trip is going ahead.
  10. Trip Cancellation by Sea Harris
    1. Unfortunately, no guarantees can be made regarding the date the weather and the likelihood of a trip going ahead. Sea Harris cannot be held responsible for costs incurred for a cancelled trip but will always endeavour to make planned trips where possible and safe to do so. In the event of a trip being cancelled due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our reasonable control, deposits are refunded in full, within 15 full business days after the date of your trip. Gift vouchers are non-refundable, but will be transferred over to be used at a later date.
    2. In the unlikely event that sufficient Passenger numbers to run a trip are not met, Sea Harris reserves the right to cancel the trip and will not be liable for any loss incurred by the customer. In this instance, Sea Harris will endeavour to accommodate Passengers on another trip, if this is not possible for either party, deposits that may have been paid by the customer will be returned in full. This is extremely unlikely during the summer months and notice will be given to this effect.
    3. Bookings are monitored and if a 'double booking' is made without prior consent from us, this can see both reservations cancelled and deposits non-refundable. If a double booking is not spotted by us and the passenger(s) fail to show for their second trip, they are liable for the remaining balance of that trip.
    4. If we are trying to contact passengers regarding their booked trip and are unable to do so, or no reply is received from communications from us that require a reply, then we have to assume the passenger is not going to show up for their trip and we reserve the right to cancel that reservation and try and resell the seat, if successful in doing so clause 11.1 will apply, if unsuccessful clause 11.3 will apply.
  11. Trip Cancellation by Passengers
    1. If a trip is cancelled by a Passenger, out with a 60 day period of their booked trip, deposits will be refunded less an administration fee of £15 per Passenger.
    2. If a trip is cancelled by a Passenger within a 60 day period of their booked trip, deposits are non-refundable. In certain circumstances where Sea Harris have sufficient notice to successfully resell cancelled places, deposits will be refunded less the administration fee of £15 per Passenger, this is at the discretion of Sea Harris.
    3. If a trip is cancelled by a Passenger within a 7 day period of their booked trip, a Passenger fails to show up, or their booked trip is missed in any way, deposits are non-refundable and they shall be liable for the remaining balance of their booked trip, any vouchers used for their booking will not be carried forward for reuse. In the event of exceptional circumstances that lead to the cancellation this can be reviewed, this is at the discretion of Sea Harris.
    4. In the case of a ‘whole boat charter’ booking, if the booking is cancelled more than 60 days before the trip, the deposit is refunded less a cancellation fee of £180. If it is cancelled less than 60 days before the trip is due to take place, the deposit is non-refundable.
  12. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and we advise on using them within their expiry date, if you have booked a trip with a voucher and the trip is then cancelled by us then your voucher will be extended to use again. If your voucher has expired and you have been unable to use it we will generally extend it, this is at the discretion of Sea Harris and depending on when it was issued there could be a surcharge for this. Similarly if there is a price increase from when the voucher was purchased and when it was used there would be a surcharge of the price difference for this also.
  13. Sea Harris recommends that all Passengers take out travel insurance to cover any losses that they may incur.
5 star

"St.Kilda - a dream come true! I loved this trip – it was a dream come true and I would highly recommend Seumas and Sea Harris."
Tripadvisor review May 2018
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"I am immensely grateful to Seumas and the crew of the Enchanted Isle. Vic declared it one of the greatest days of his life! The place is extraordinary. "
Bill Bailey - comedian, actor, author
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"A trip to St.Kilda was definitely one of the best trips in my life. I must reccommend Sea Harris - my experience is they are reliable, friendly, safe."
Tripadvisor review September 2018
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