Please read the following before clicking on the red 'BOOK NOW' button to make a reservation.

The price of the trip to St Kilda for 2017 is £185 per person with a deposit of £65 per person required to confirm a reservation, the price for children under 16 is £150 per child with a deposit of £30 per child required to confirm a reservation, booking in advance is essential. A £5 landing fee is also charged by the National Trust of Scotland and this will be added to your deposit making it £70 per person & £35 per child. Please note that we do not recommend the trip for children under 12.

Boat Trips to St.Kilda can run up to 6 times times per week (weather permitting), departing from Leverburgh harbour at 8am and returning around 7pm, with 4.5 - 5 hours ashore, this seasons trips will run from the 1st May through to the 3rd October.
Trips are booked on the basis of three 'two day windows' a week, i.e. Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday or Friday/Saturday.
Each two day window will have a 'booked trip' which will have both days allocated to it and will run on the best day of that window, whether that be day one or day two. As such passengers must be available for both the days they have booked for.

Once the booked trip is full we then take reservations for 'stand-by trips'. The stand-by trip will run on the spare day of a two day window, assuming the weather is suitable for a trip on both days. A stand-by reservation still requires you to be available for both days of that window as the trip may run on either day.

You will be notified in advance as to which day your trip will take place, for further information on this and how the trips run please vist our FAQ's page.

We are available for Private Charters on Sundays and the spare day of a two day St.Kilda window, please visit our charter page for further information and contact us directly with your enquiry.

Discounts are also availble for returning customers, please contact us directly about this before making a reservation.


Telephone: 01859 502007

Mobile: 07760216555


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"Fantastic trip with SeaHarris to St Kilda from Leverburgh."
Tripadvisor review September 2014

"I am immensely grateful to Seumas and the crew of the Enchanted Isle. The place is extraordinary. "
Bill Bailey - comedian, actor, author
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"A dream come true!"
Tripadvisor review October 2014